Jacob Amaya

“They didn’t put any pressure on me. They let me make my decision. They gave me some time to talk it over with my agent, my dad and everyone else. (Big League Advance) went about their business pretty professional.”

Yainer Diaz

“The reality is that it has helped me a lot personally…..(Big League Advance’s) offer gave me peace of mind and therefore, I was able to play more relaxed.”

Matt Frisbee

“It’s a family. Baseball can get lonely at times. If you have more people on your side, the better. I want people to know that BLA is here to help you….to help you kickstart your career.”

Shane Battier | Big League Advance

Shane Battier

“Michael Schwimer has been a cutting-edge thinker in the sports analytics world. I am impressed by his vision of the future of sports data.”