Pitching Injury Analytics

Injuries are one of the most significant factors in team success or failure, and the bulk of the injuries are in pitching. Baseball Analytics has made a giant leap in predicting pitching injuries, a leap that cannot only dramatically reduce the millions of dollars spent on disabled pitchers, but maybe more importantly, can increase wins.

Paul DePodesta Former MLB Front Office Executive

What We Do

Big League Advance’s most recent focus has been on our revolutionary pitching injury analytics. MLB organizations are faced with franchise-altering decisions regarding their pitching staff every year. These decisions not only affect the make-up of the team and their ability to win but also their bottom line.

The financial effects of an injury to a pitcher can set teams back significantly, whereas the advanced knowledge of a likely injury to a pitcher can allow a team to plan accordingly to soften the effects of a potential loss.

Our pitching injury analytics models provide us with a unique value of the chance of a pitcher having a major arm injury compared to other pitchers at a similar age and career innings pitched mark.

Teams who partner with BLA will be able to use this information to help plan for the future of their organization with proven data that will help their long-term planning as it relates to their pitching staffs.

What You Can Expect

Best Analytics Experts

Our analytical team is comprised of some of the smartest minds in sports analytics. Their innovative models have led to groundbreaking results in the field of pitching injury metrics.

Quantifiable Approach

There is no beating around the bush with BLA. With our analytics, we provide exact numbers with precise measurables that everyone on your team can understand.

Back-Tested Proven Results

We have back-tested our model for several years, and year after year our model is proven accurate for both pitchers to be injured and pitchers to remain healthy.

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Pitching Injury Analytics